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Support the onboarding journey in a financial services company

Support and guide the client’s division (60 people) in their Agile journey by implementing the Agile mindset & practices in teams working as a CIO Office (Human Resources, Cost Management, Vendor Management & Group Methodology).


Create a new onboarding program using an Agile way of working

The client is hiring 50 new juniors. Their onboarding program is not popular amongst the last batch of juniors and they want to reshape it. They are wondering how an Agile mindset & Agile practices could help them improve their processes, the feedbacks from their stakeholders and the retention of new hires.

Guiding questions:

  • How can you apply Agile outside of an IT team?
  • Agile works for product development, but how does it work for process improvement?
  • My HR team is a bit inexperienced and I am looking for a method to structure their way of working. Is Agile a good option?

Are you facing similar challenges?

Key role

Agile HR Coach

The coach is expected to help the team securing their delivery, meaning a qualitative & functional onboarding process for a batch of 50 juniors.

  • Training of the team (2 ‘project managers’ + 4 people) on Agile way of working (Scrum & Kanban mainly)
  • Helping them cover a scope of 50 new juniors that will be working in 6 different divisions
  • Making this project a team project
  • Increasing the project’s visibility within the IT leadership team
  • Helping the team to make their stakeholders satisfied


A new Agile onboarding program

The onboarding program was splitted in 10 sprints of 2 weeks each making 3 different ‘releases’. Every ‘release’ would carry new cool features for the next wave of onboardees

  • The teams received trainings & workshops on Agile: Scrum ceremonies (Standup, Review, Planning, Retro), Empathy Mapping and User Story Mapping
  • From Sprint 2, the velocity started to be measured, the team started to become predictable in how much work they could commit for, compared to how much they could deliver
  • End-clients included in every phases of our delivery
  • Top management included
  • Positive feedbacks regarding the improved onboarding program
  • Able to detect impediments much faster than last year by creating regular & proactive feedback loops
  • The teams is now happy, empowered & engaged to work in an Agile way