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A global shared Agile vision with a local implementation


Roche Europe’s president has integrated as a priority the launch of an Agile transformation, from IT departments to HR and Business departments. As President, he shares the vision and definition of Agile pillars for Roche, with each country having the duty to launch initiatives to illustrate this transformation and the shift paradigm mindset. Wemanity has been chosen to support these local deployments across Belgium, France and Algeria.

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  • Belgium, designing a value proposition and support training: starting with training waves on agility to get key activators within Roche and launching a pilot with a business team by integrating the Agile and Design Thinking approaches, to change the way they innovate for their clients and patients.
  • France, full support with expert profiles: supporting the marketing and digital customer experience departments with the launch of Design Thinking and Agile methodologies with coaches.
  • Algeria, short-term coaching for Design Sprint Teams: training for operational and executives committee and mindset Agile. Later, several design teams will be in charge of deploying transversal projects with a new working approach, based on the Agile and Scrum methodology. Our Wemanity coaches stand by the team for launching stages.

Key results

  • Agile methodology over 2 days for 30 collaborators in Belgium
  • Agile mindset over one day for 100 collaborators in Belgium
  • A feature team has been coached during a 4-day design sprint to work on “New Business model approach” in Belgium
  • 3 teams were coached on a daily basis by one of our senior Agile coach
  • A C-level bootcamp for executive board member implemented in Algeria
  • Agile mindset over 1 day for 35 collaborators from Algeria
  • 4 design teams supported by a senior Agile Coach and a confirmed Scrum Master in Algeria