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Agile coaching for development teams to embrace new ways of working

Help the development teams to transform into an agile way of working. The initial request came from the developers.


Bring Agile way of working into development teams

  • Incorporate agile mindset in teams
  • Incorporate the agile way of working in teams
  • Remove the component teams structure (Back-end/Front-end/Infra)
  • Remove communication gaps, unclear handovers and interfaces
  • Change the traditional management approach
  • Reduce delivery times of new requirements

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Key role

Organisational Coach

  • Helping developers to work in an Agile way
  • Coaching and developing teams towards feature teams
  • Individual and team coaching on Agile mindset, roles and methodologies
  • Introducing Agile leadership track and Agile portfolio management


From a traditional way of working to an Agile way

  • Traditional oriented development department (40 people) transformed into four Agile feature teams
  • Servant leadership and Agile portfolio management introduced to the management