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Assessment Operating Model


The client has initiated in 2019 a SAFe based transformation targeting a high productivity, shorter time-to-market, higher quality and higher employee engagement. The client has selected Wemanity to perform a SAFe assessment in order to understand their actual state of transformation and SAFe maturity and to identify the key next steps for further improvement.

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  • Inclusive assessment with more than 80 people
  • Delivering workshops to capture the points of view of each role: Senior General Managers, Business Owners, General Managers, Delivery Managers, RTE’s, Product Managers, Product
  • Scoring of the maturity
  • Identification of challenges in their current SAFe way of working
  • Ad hoc interviews of executives and specific stakeholders

Key results

  • Root causes identified with improvements actions in cooperation with the core team
  • Improvements identified and prioritised in a backlog
  • Identified root causes for dysfunction in the SAFe agile transformation scored against the transformation objectives key results
  • A view on the next steps and roll out perspective