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Coaching on the redesign of the apps and the internalisation of developers

Coaching the client in the modernisation of their applications and in the internalisation of the development teams, handled by an external provider until now. Reorganisation of the workflow, implementation of integration and continuous delivery.


Build the mobile architecture on Android and iOS

Several challenges are at stake: designing the architectures of the client's apps under Android and iOS, modulating business bricks (libraries), building a strategy for the applications’ redesign, supporting the development teams on the choice of architectures, technologies used...

  • Apps architecture design: Clean Architecture
  • Library architecture design
  • Modularisation: split software bricks into independent modules (libraries)
  • Participate in the development of applications
  • Unit testing: make all apps and new modules components testable
  • Integration testing: ensure the proper functioning of the modules
  • Functional testing: make the main user paths automatically testable
  • Participation in the recruitment of development teams
  • Deliver a new version of the application every 2 weeks

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Key role

Being the technical reference on Android and iOS

Early coaching of the Apps Cluster on the realisation of feasibility studies for new functionalities and improvements. Supporting the squads for the handling and development of business modules.

  • Implementation of new architectures
  • Building POCs (upstream feasibility studies)
  • Team coaching on decision making of the solutions that should be implemented
  • Development and Code reviews
  • Unit testing / Integration testing
  • Functional tests
  • Organisation in several squads
  • Redesigning the new application (Android / iOS) in MVP

Tech and DevOps Architect

Choosing the architectures for the applications as well as the modularisation and evolution of the existing software (some business bricks). Test culture (non-existent before joining the team). Industrialisation and automation.

  • Complete redesign of the applications (Android/iOS)
  • Clean Architecture
  • Modularisation
  • Craft Culture
  • Native development (Android/iOS)
  • Accompaniment in Agile transformation
  • DevOps Culture
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery
  • Test automation
  • Providing metrics (test coverage, results...)


Resilient, scalable and understandable architectures with a code reuse, industrialisation and automation

  • Clean Architecture for native Android and iOS applications delivered on time
  • Test culture: moving from 0 tests to 90% coverage for UT and 95% coverage for IT. An excellent breakthrough in automated functional testing has significantly assisted AQ in their validation tasks
  • DevOps: complete automation of the 'continuous integration' and 'continuous delivery' chains: static analysis, Unit Testing, Test Integration, building and deploying applications on internal blinds and libraries on dedicated repositories

Separating reusable modules, particularly for communication with the backend and the unified management of tracking systems, made it possible to:

  • Override the specific problems of these modules
  • Design them as subsystems
  • Industrialise them and assign the work of building these subsystems to dedicated teams