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IT Transformation with 2000 people


In 2019, the client decided to transform its IT department into a fully agile department. Although many teams had already been using agile practices for some time, there was a need to address the transformation from a “top down approach”. Because of the different ways of working and multiple dependencies between teams, a department’s approach was required. SAFe was chosen as the Framework to be implemented, but a new operating model for the client was required to implement SAFe in this context.

Are you facing similar challenges?


  • First assessment
  • Upfront transformation design
  • Creation of the new operating model, inspired by SAFe
  • Deployment of a leadership learning journey early in the transformation in order to support the management to adopt new leadership styles and act as transformation leaders
  • 10+ waves of coaching and training, onboarding until 2000 staff members
  • Wave assessment to observe the evolution of the agile maturity within the organisation
  • Addressing organisational topics: agile contracts and vendor management, portfolio management, lean budgeting, architecture, etc

Key results

  • New operating model built, tested, improved and deployed at scale - organisational blueprint delivered
  • 2000+ people trained and coached to the new agile way of working