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Product-oriented Transformation


Wemanity was mandated to lead a cultural and organizational transformation by designing a new operating model, with a product orientation in order to break internal silos, reduce time losses and increase teams’ motivation, autonomy and efficiency.

Wemanity guided the client to acquire the knowledge needed and become autonomous in the implementation of feature teams in the future.

Are you facing similar challenges?


  • Running a state-of-the-art assessment through individual interviews and observing key meetings/events
  • Leading workshops to reach a strategic alignment and an understanding of the purpose and expected benefits of the transformation
  • Leading workshops to identify value streams and of 2-3 feature teams within a selected value stream
  • Definition of a target operating model and a transformation backlog
  • Implementing the target operating model within the 2-3 feature teams, coaching them and accompanying them
  • Running training sessions tackling the learning objectives of each audience
  • Piloting the new operating model by implementing and accompanying 2 to 3 multidisciplinary feature teams

Key results

  • First versions of an operating model
  • A communication plan
  • A transformation backlog
  • 2 cross-functional agile feature teams to pull the transformation
  • A transformation team empowered to lead internally the rest of the company transformation