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Implementing Customer Centricity and Agility


The postal industry player, is adapting to changing customer behaviors and fierce e-commerce competition by reorganizing its operations. To maintain its preferred status and achieve growth ambitions as a leading e-commerce player in Belgium, the EU, and the US, the client has introduced a customer-centric scaled agile transformation. This transformation addresses challenges such as an operation-centric approach, difficulties in cross-department collaboration and external partnerships, multiple overlapping change initiatives, and a lack of employee autonomy and engagement. By embracing a customer-centric culture, streamlining processes, and aligning agile initiatives, the client aims to achieve its growth goals and enhance its position in the industry.

Are you facing similar challenges?


  • Definition and launch of a detailed Change Management Plan and Roadmap and Lighthouses
  • Early & continuous communication
  • Definition of the engagement plan
  • Definition of the upskilling plan based on personas
  • Identifying teams specific needs
  • Definition and execution of the action plan
  • Supporting the clientvin evolving their Organizational Culture to desired “customer centric” target (based on Corporate values and behaviours)
  • Using ADKAR Prosci Change Management method as a reference for Organizational Change Management
  • Co-creation of an in-depth communication plan with HR and Communications teams alongside the client entire transformation journey
  • Supporting & training the client to become internally able to face change

Key results

  • Lean Business Case defined for each strategic initiative and corrective actions are implemented
  • An overall Strategic Business Case is defined and monitored for the “Customer Centricity Program”
  • Increased value in Customer retention and acquisition
  • High internal efficiency & savings
  • Increased employee engagement