Our Integrated Agile Transformation Model

An Integrated Agile Transformation is a company-wide operation to transform your entire business into an Agile organisation. With our Integrated Agile™ Transformation Model, our people work together with you and your teams to help them achieve a fully autonomous and sustainable Agile attitude of continuous learning and improvement.

  • A proven concept – IATM is a best practice of over 20 years of experience in Agile Transformations.

  • Custom approach – You need a plan, with enough “freedom within a framework” to ensure the best possible approach for your organisation.

  • Passion for Agile – Arie, co-author of the Agile Manifesto, and our community of Agile coaches are highly passionate about Agile and continuously improve our approach.

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Our Agile Coaching approach

Agile Coaching is a focused operation on key teams within your business, led by teams of specialized coaches, making the selected departments become Agile in their respective fields. We believe every team is unique and therefore, our approach is always custom-made for them.

  • Skilled coaches – our experts are first and foremost coaches who know how to spark change within your teams

  • Agile experts – our coaches will guide your teams not only to work Agile but to become Agile

  • Strong communicators – Our talents are strong communicators because we believe communication is key to spark real change

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The DevOps approach

Implementing an Agile culture without streamlining the dev and ops processes in the end would drastically reduce the potential benefits of Agile. Where Agile shows the way, the DevOps approach pushes the logic further by optimizing your software delivery process and accelerating the Time to market of your Software Factory. DevOps uses right-sized governance and automation techniques & tools to optimize collaboration across development and operations, enabling faster, more predictable and more frequent deployments to market.

  • Culture  – Our DevOps experts will guide your teams through the cultural transformation needed for a successful DevOps approach.

  • Automation – we will help you automate as much as possible repetitive tasks with no added value

  • Lean – we will focus on process efficiency, continuous improvement practices and high quality standards

  • Measure – we will implement metrics to give visibility and enable the team to continuously improve its standards

  • Sharing – we will promote exchanging ideas, helping eachother, sharing feedback throughout the entire cycle

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Agile Training

Agile Training brings the Agile principles to your team(s) in the shape of training workshops, teaching you what is needed to transform yourself into a more Agile company.

A few examples of our training portfolio :

  • Agile Scrum Foundation  – The fundamentals of agility and scrum, all you need to get to work

  • Management 3.0 – Release your full potential

  • Visual Facilitation Workshop – Learn the foundations and skills of working visually

  • SAFe 4.0 – Implementing SAFe for your Agile projects

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