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Support the Agile transformation and accelerate innovation

Create an Agile organisation that engineers, simplifies and automates solutions constantly in order to efficiently support growth and enables the acceleration of innovation.


Implement Agility, adaptability and employee satisfaction in a distributed environment

Since most teams are not physically sitting together but maintain one or more services around the globe, it is difficult to let them work together as real Scrum teams in sprints. In addition, the relationship between the teams and management on the whole is not optimal.

Guiding questions:

  • How to make the people feel like a joined team?
  • How to organise the sprint events and give them the intended value?
  • How to improve team dynamics in a multicultural team across the globe?
  • How to improve maturity of the teams and the Scrum Masters and Product Owners?
  • How to connect leadership and make them models for the teams?

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Key role

Agile transformation coach

  • Coaching and guiding 15 development teams spread around the globe (6 different time zones)
  • Representation of EMEA region in the global coaching community within the organisation
  • Day to day team coaching
  • Trainings on Scrum, Product Owner and Agile both on methodologies and mindset
  • Organising and facilitating Senior Leadership trainings and retrospectives on transformational leadership

“During this project, Marty did the right thing, both in terms of content and in terms of stakeholders coordination, to achieve a good result as a team and to help the end customer as well as the organisation itself.”


Collaborative teams around the globe

  • Measurable improvement in team Agility maturity throughout EMEA region
  • Achieved certifications on Scrum and Product Ownership for associates
  • Business OKR’s translated into concrete and feasible goals for teams
  • Trainings for teams delivered to prepare and run scaling events
  • Kick-off of several new Scrum teams in other countries (Poland, Rumania, Spain, France)