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Change Management to support the deployment of a large information system program


The transformation journey aims to elevate the security levels of an Information System within Group Technology. This Information System strives to become the trusted partner of all collaborators in this large multinational, ensuring that the right person has the right access, thereby safeguarding all data and information. The challenge is to implement a comprehensive program of changes that will secure this organization, all while maintaining a user-friendly approach.

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  • Establishing a change and communication plan to support both the program and the department
  • Developing a “stakeholder map” for the program and its constituent streams, in order to reduce resistance
  • Guiding the various streams in communication efforts across the entire organization
  • Assisting the program in communication efforts towards executive levels
  • Elevating the level of customer centricity within the department
  • Democratizing the Information System through internal communications to enhance the team’s reputation as a security and access partner, as well as better manage resistance

Key results

  • Change Management roadmap for the entire program and individual Change & Communication plans for each of the 5 streams, encompassing numerous projects
  • Successful change awareness sensitization for Stream Leads, achieved through Change Management training facilitation and workshop organization
  • Implementation of Lighthouses: deployment of Change & Communication plans across 2 lighthouse streams
  • Successful change management implementation, including communication on Group password policy in 11 languages
  • Stakeholder maps and stakeholder engagement plans for each Stream, coupled with coaching of stream leads on their definition and use for resistance management
  • Successful sponsorship engagement: regular sponsorship alignment with Group CIO and Group CSO, along with delivery of internal communications with their participation (e.g., intranet articles, engagement videos, etc.)