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Shorten time to market by improving collaboration between headquarters and local countries

At the start of the mission, the client was a medium-sized business bank operating in 8 countries. The main pain point is the inefficient collaboration at headquarters, between HQ and local countries, and between other countries. The consequence is a longer time-to-market, which impacts the business objectives.


Understand the importance of leading the change in an Agile transformation

  • The need for Agile was identified through the client’s collaboration with a Wemanity business partner
  • The long time-to-market is a specific issue caused notably by the lack of communication between the headquarters and the countries in development, and between countries. Risks include delivering the wrong solution and insufficient time.
  • The challenge is to improve the time-to-market under high pressure. Wemanity worked on the alignment of two development centers in two different European countries.

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Key role

Full transformation lead using IATM as the transformation framework

  • The client is struggling with the Agile way of working in a tech-oriented environment
  • Wemanity took the lead on the transformation and started from scratch up until the transformation waves


A cross-border collaboration was developed

  • More awareness at the headquarters regarding the underlying business problems causes, such as time-to-market
  • Cross-border communication based on Agile rituals was established
  • More efficiency in the development process
  • More focus on value put in the prioritization process