Management 3.0

Enhance your leadership and management skills to strengthen happiness and engagement throughout your organisation, in a pragmatic and easy to use approach that anybody can apply on a daily basis.

This training is delivered in Dutch.

Sessions need a minimum of 10 registrations to be maintained

Learning objectives

  • Understand the evolution from Management 1.0 to Management 3.0 leadership styles and the role of an Agile Leader in today's context.
  • Develop strategies for effectively navigating complexity and uncertainty as a leader, fostering adaptability and resilience within teams.
  • Learn techniques for actively influencing the six important pillars of organizations to drive positive change and innovation
  • Acquire a toolbox of employee engagement practices for handling various situations with team members, colleagues, and managers more effectively.
  • Increase employee motivation and team collaboration through the application of Management 3.0 mindset and practices.
  • Identify personal areas of development for leadership growth and create an action plan for implementing Management 3.0 principles in daily leadership activities.


The Hague, Netherlands


Day 1


Management and leadership

  • The different types of leadership: from management 1.0 to management 3.0

Complex thinking

  • Using complex thinking to see your organisation as a system


Energising people - Motivation and commitment

  • Learning to manage intrinsic motivations to create long-term commitment from teams

Empowering teams - Delegation and empowerment

  • Create the right system with sufficient capabilities and authorisations to delegate and empower staff

Day 2


Aligning constraints - Values and culture

  • Develop and encourage behaviours that are in line with your values and culture

Developing skills - Learning and skills

  • Empower and motivate teams by creating a learning organisation within your team


Developing the structure - Evolving organisational structure

  • Building a system capable of accepting a change of scale

Improving everything - Successes and failures

  • Making the most of failures and successes to develop continuous improvement
  • Middle
  • Team Management
  • (Agile) Coaches
  • Scrum Masters
  • RTE’s
  • Product Owners
  • No prerequisites

The Hague, 33 Rue de Châteaudun - Netherlands (présentiel)


1149 €/pp

(TVA exc.)

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