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Setting up a Cloud Centre of Excellence as part of a Digital Transformation


Bridgestone EMIA has embarked on a phased approach to digital and agile transformation, following the principles of 'Crawl – Walk – Run'. One crucial aspect of this transformation was the migration of most of its IT systems to the cloud, serving as the initial 'Crawl' phase to drive innovation, scalability, agility, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and sustainable solutions. To facilitate this transition, a Cloud Centre of Excellence was established, tasked with developing essential processes, policies, and guidelines. Additionally, the center focused on implementing the necessary tools and overseeing automation and Data Centre decommissioning efforts.

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  • Definition of the cloud mission & “Default Hybrid Multi-Cloud” strategy as first step of the Bridgestone cloud roadmap
  • Steering the Cloud Platform Foundations setup including processes, control, organization foundations ready to start the cloud journey
  • Implementation of Bridgestone Secure posture including security policies and guidelines (SecOps)
  • Implementation of cloud automation and a self-service catalogue (Cloud Provisioning)
  • Enhancing Bridgestone applications by implementing more cloud-native solutions, from IaaS to PaaS and SaaS solutions
  • Creation and rollout of cloud monitoring and reporting (Cloud Operational Excellence)
  • Guidance in cloud financials’ visibility, cost optimization, governance and collaboration (FinOps)
  • Steering organisation's transition to cloud computing

Key results

  • Cloud as the core driver for Innovation
  • Full Data Centre Decommissioning for non-plant applications
  • Provisioning from months to seconds (Self-Service automation)
  • Major financial savings