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Preparing leaders of tomorrow to drive the organisation


Cosumar, a multinational company in sugar industry in Africa (Morocco), celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2019.

To celebrate this anniversary, a programme called 'Impulse 90' has been initiated, a project aimed at launching 90 initiatives to support change in the company and its culture.

Following this move, the Group HR Director announced the launch of a 'Leader@25' program to identify the company's future leaders and support them in their new role.

These growing leaders will be in charge of leading some of the transversal initiatives of the Impulse 90 project.

Wemanity was asked to support acquisition of a new stance, new values and a new culture for the leaders of tomorrow and to guide them step by step in this cultural shift and give them the tools they need to succeed and embody change in a sustainable way.

Are you facing similar challenges?


  • Creation of a tailor-made program throughout the year to accompany budding leaders step by step in this new posture and give concrete support to lead their transversal project
  • Creation of a learning group which shares common values and a common goal: 'Transform the company and establish a regional and worldwide leader position
  • Giving the methodological background they need to initiate change: Agile Values, Innovation & Customer Love Master Class, Acting as a Leader, Coach with Responsibility, etc
  • Accompaniment on the field in the deployment of their project: 2-day coaching at the end of each sprint to accelerate projects and measure progress

Key results

  • A group of 25 Leaders has been initiated to create a Core Team
  • The HR Director is the official sponsor of the program
  • The President supports the initiative
  • Wemanity co-created the entire path with the HR Director in an iterative way
  • Lean Start-Up, Design Thinking, Agile Fundamentals and Agile Leadership trainings were delivered
  • From December 2019, until End of 2020, Wemanity mentors were present during 2 days every 5 weeks to accelerate projects and provide the methodological framework
  • Remote coaching clinics have also been set up