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Implementing new strategy and key programs to become the employment services reference


VDAB wants to become a future-proof organization by 2025 towards a service model with a focus on core tasks, on creating close collaborations with other government agencies, and building strong partnerships with specialized organizations. In addition to that, they want to become an organization that optimally deploys its data and technology.

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  • Supporting Ukrainian Refugees in finding their way towards employment in Flanders (overall coordination and change managemet)
    • Definition of an integrated change & adoption approach throughout the overall journey (end-to-end)
    • Embarking leadership across the program to accelerate decision making and showcasing changes and results
    • Informing impacted stakeholders on progress and impact
    • Activating change and key user communities to drive the change towards their colleagues
    • Piloting, adapting and iterative scaling up of their approach due to new legislations and other developments
  • Supporting VDAB to visualize where they are making the difference and when to scale-up or -down staffing based on demand
    • Overall coordination and change management co-create with impacted people and under the strong sponsorship of the right leaders
    • Phase 1: Visualisation of the three levels within the organization: strategy, tactical and operational via an up-to-date
    • Phase 2: Mapping the existing capability exercises
    • Phase 3: Detailed approach for those not yet mapped
  • Maximizing Master Data Management:
    • Implementing a new structure and mindset around master data management
    • Aligning VDAB with the federal government's new address data standards project
    • Achieving one central, up-to-date overview of the status of a Sectoral Agreement
  • Implementation of an hybrid way of working across the programs

Key results

  • Employment rate from ukrainian refugees increased from 20% to almost 40% in Flanders
  • Internal and external stakeholders conscious of all the steps and results thanks to branding and a virtual up-to-date cockpit
  • Clear visualization provided to showcase where they are making a difference, along with a capacity model for operational and supporting services
  • Internal project leads trained in our key differentiators to take it upon themselves afterwards