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Guide the organisation in their agile journey with the IATM framework

Help transform the Asian-based organisation from the team level to the leadership team, while taking into account a difficult context: waterfall and agile methods colliding, high-pressure and competitive environment, technical issues and heavy workload.


Market demand becomes higher because of stronger competition

Questions such as “Why do we need Agile?” and statements like “We do Agile!” are very common and have settled in their business. However, the benefits of Agile are not felt and the company has to improve their time to market and their quality. The client is confronted with increasing competition and technical issues which overwhelms their innovative potential. They are running behind in improving both delivery and their way of working.

  • Poor quality of delivered solutions
  • Management and business teams are not in collaboration with development teams
  • Disruptive prioritisation for getting the job done hinders delivery
  • Different levels of KPIs are conflicting for “doing the right things” and “doing things”

Are you facing similar challenges?

Key role

Guiding the organisation to an Agile way of working

Starting with an Agile maturity assessment and building a transformation roadmap with the client. Based on that roadmap, kickoff of the first wave.

  • Transformation team coaching, lead by example
  • Training 17 teams on two sites and coaching to follow agile methodologies
  • Creation of the internal Agile coach community (25 people)
  • Implementation of an Agile leadership track
  • Technical coaching with focus on continuous improvement
  • Focus on Agile mindset
  • One-on-one coaching for future Scrum Masters, Product Owners and other Agile professionals for individual refinement


First wave itself

  • The wave was based on 1 week of preparation and 13 weeks of transformation work
  • The transformation work was based on specific trainings such as Agile foundations, facilitation skills, Scrum Master trainings, story writing and coaching
  • The coaching was delivered following the IATM framework (Synchronize, Follow, Lead, Handover)
  • The handover was focused on a re-assessment per team to identify next steps

Outcomes of this wave

All selected teams were trained:

  • 17 teams coached and able to work Agile
  • 300 people coached and able to work Agile
  • Per team, implementation of visual management and reporting
  • Communities of practices
  • Knowledge sharing sessions in place as a way to continuously learn and improve
  • Internal coaches fully trained and coached, ready to participate in the next wave as co-coaches
  • Per team, implementation of a maturity assessment with a set of recommendations regarding the short-term future
  • Adapted foundations & roadmap for the organisational transformation for the next wave