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In the midst of radical change, we help you adapt and create business value by fostering collective intelligence and enhancing team collaboration.

Flat design illustration representing team mates analysing data, brainstorming, solving problems Flat design illustration representing team mates analysing data, brainstorming, solving problems

How we can help you

Design your transformation

Design transformation strategies that help your organisation to adapt to accelerating change and intensifying complexity.

Strategize and initiate a dynamic of change

Develop leadership

Anticipate what comes next

Adapt your way of working to an asynchronous model

Accelerate your transformation journey

Get the best out of your collective, maintain a culture and a strong commitment in a remote context.

Foster collective intelligence

Enhance team collaboration

Facilitate remote working

Support delivery

Facilitate product and services innovation

Facilitate the design process of new products and innovate towards new markets.

Design thinking and creativity

Product innovation

Product management

From problem to product “as a service”

Train your people and create your learning organisation

Grow your organisation by training your managers and teams to master new values, skills, tools and roles.

Support from acculturation to expertise

Create mentoring academies

Train the trainer paths

Adapt to remote

Unleash your technological agility

Bridge the gap between corporate legacy and emerging architecture and become a state of the art tech company.

Strategize and set up your technical rails

Obscure your infrastructure

Engineer agility into your systems

Unleash emerging architectures while managing legacy

Rock your data to grow your business

Boost your business thanks to clever use of your data and artificial intelligence.

Data Strategy

Data Innovation Labs

Data Delivery

How we can help you


The leadership coach enables “managers” to act as facilitators or servant leaders to improve existing processes, to go beyond historical paradigms, and to create new ones by empowering their teams.


The organisational coach acts as a catalyst between people, teams, and departments. He is responsible for the integration of an Agile approach in the different parts of the organisation.


The team coach works with key teams within your business on a daily basis in order to set up an Agile environment and improve interactions between team members.


Trainers are coaches who support the transformations of the companies. As the training progresses, they step into different experiences and operational reality.


For technical teams, the coach enables the adoption of behavior-driven development, continuous delivery, and DevOps. For non-technical teams, the coach enables the adoption of role-based techniques like storytelling, mind mapping, user story definition.


DevOps coaches work closely with their teams to develop and perform activities allowing the development of Agile skills and improvement of development processes.


The Scrum Master is the facilitator of the team and will ensure that the team lives by the Agile values and principles and follows the processes and practices.


The Product Owner is responsible for working with the user group to determine prioritized product releases. He usually takes several roles, including business strategist, product designer, market analyst, customer liaison, and project manager.


The software craftsman helps the development teams to produce clean code ensuring a sustainable quality over time.


The Data Consultant supports the customers in the digital transformation by creating data strategies and tactics and by developing usage-based approaches.


The Data Scientist is responsible for processing, analyzing, and valorizing large amounts of various and complex data. He is building models that can be either used to assist a business in its decision-making, or integrated into systems like softwares and AI applications.


The Data Engineer transforms data into a format that can be easily valued. He builds and maintains infrastructures to collect, transform and serve the right data at the right time and at the right place.

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