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In the midst of permanent change, we help you adapt and maximise the value delivered to your customers. As true transformation makers, we help you throughout every level of the organisation to make cooperation, innovation and agility your best allies.

Flat design illustration representing team mates analysing data, brainstorming, solving problems Flat design illustration representing team mates analysing data, brainstorming, solving problems

We combine our key expertises to drive your end-to-end transformation

Wemanity is a unique consulting group designed to help organisations drive their transformation. We help our clients become customer centric, flexible and high performing in a sustainable manner.

With a holistic approach to transformation, we help teams and departments work together and create a culture of cooperation beyond the traditional silos.

We support you at each stage of your value chain and at different levels of your organisation: ExCo, management and teams.

To deliver our mission, we have gathered key expertises working efficiently as one team thanks to a shared culture, common ways of working and assets.

Agile organisations & change

Design and support your agile transformation through multidisciplinary teams and our end-to-end approach, coupling strong assets with unmatched experience and expertise in agility.

Technological capabilities

Put technologies at the heart of your digital transformation and build a solid and frugal information system to achieve business success.


Make security a key part of your digital infrastructures for greater sustainability.


Rock your data to grow your business in a customer-centric, efficient and sustainable way.

User experience & digital delivery

Build multidisciplinary squads to deliver tailor-made and scalable digital products and services.

Business strategy

Guarantee customer satisfaction and sustainable transformation through business and strategic choices.

Learning center

Support your transformation through tailor-made learning experiences to embed new skills, mindset and leadership styles.

Our unique approach

Value-based company white icon

Culture of value-based steering and prioritisation for the company

Modular products white icons

Modular products inspired by your feedback to support you in your transformation

Ecosystem organisation white icon

Ecosystem organisation allowing you to combine the best approaches and practices to address your challenges

Multidisciplinary approach white icon

Multidisciplinary approach with specialised experts to face your challenges

Assets library white icon

Dynamic library of assets and concrete cases to share and learn from our experience

Iterative and incremental approach white icon

Iterative and incremental approach to create value at every step

Agnostic approach white icon

Agnostic approach, focused on your context and your strategic challenges

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