Wemanity in 60 words

We believe large corporate entities can become just as quick as a fresh new start-up. They must establish innovation and cooperation as golden rules to unleash their true potential. A two word quest: becoming Agile.

Because we know how hard it is to reinvent yourself when you are facing challenges alone, we assist and help companies in their Agile transformation.

Who we are

Innovation is collective or it will not be. We believe the first step to innovating together is an Agile culture.

Revealing the hidden potential in companies and their employees is what we wake up for in the morning. By forging collective intelligence corporates can become as innovative as startups. This can only be possible by disrupting traditional work structures to put an end to top down approaches. In other words, going Agile.

We live by our agile ceremonies. Dailies, demos, retros, reviews,.. we experiment Agile everyday as we are our own laboratory.

Become the Best Place to Grow for our cooperators and for our clients.

We have developed our very own organizational model. We are organized in autonomous and self-steering Agile teams called “pods” which have specific goals and ways of working. Each pod sets, aligns and tracks its Objective Key Results, directly linked to the Company Objectives. Once a month, the members of a pod gather for “Knowledge Share” day.

Our expertise

Agile Transformations
Agile Coaching
Agile Training
Arie van Bennekum Wemanity

Agile = “the right people talking about the right things at the right time”

Arie van Bennekum

Our Cooperative Culture

Wemanity believes “accomplishing together” is the future of companies. Cooperation is in our DNA and at the deep roots our Wemanity’s Agile practices and community. We co-operate, we co-create, we share, we learn, we grow, we test and we do it together. With our Open Wemanity Days, our Knowledge Shares, our Agilists Sans Frontières guild, our Agile rituals, our events, meetups and conferences, our blog and our products.

Agile Meetups by Wemanity
Open Wemanity Days since our creation
Spark The Change conferences
sponsored events
worldwide afterworks
Knowledge sharing sessions
Agile Meetups by Wemanity
Open Wemanity Days since our creation
Spark The Change conferences
sponsored events
worldwide afterworks
Knowledge sharing sessions

We have big plans. Join our community!

We believe Agile is changing the world: Wemanity’s Agile practices and community are built on this conviction. Our journey is a magical one and we have a strong growth strategy, growth in quality of our interventions as well as volume of our teams and countries we operate in.

If you think our journey fits you, if you think you should be helping us change the world, join us and let’s create tomorrow’s workforce together!

Come on board pirate !

How to join us?

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.

Be Real, real people are cool and they click on the button!

Join our quest

We act on Values

We stand for something and we act on values. These core values were co-created by all of us at Wemanity during one of our favourite practices, the Open Wemanity Day. We live by our values, we stand for them, we fight for them. They inspire us and guides our actions and decisions on a daily basis.

Community Driven

We believe “accomplish together” is the key to success. More than a company, Wemanity is a community of talents sharing the same values and motivation. Our successes are always team successes.

Goodwill and Respect

We are one family and one team. We care about each other. We play fair. We help each other grow, make others successful. Generosity and respect are key at Wemanity.

Culture of Excellence

We seek excellence, not perfection. We do great things. We get things done. We celebrate the learning process. We thrive for continuous improvement.

Fun and Creativity

We’re all passionate people with a little madness inside. We are having FUN doing great things. We are serious but we don’t take ourselves seriously.

Disruptive Innovation

We do things differently, we never choose the easy way and we permanently challenge inertia and the status quo: This is how great ideas and projects stand out from the crowd.


Our innovation Ecosystem

We are part of Wenation, the first innovation ecosystem that unites all the skills needed for a company transformation.

The Labels and Startups of Wenation

How we spend our time together

As we are one family & one team, we make sure that we can spend time together.

Open Wemanity Day

A very special day to build Wemanity together.

Open Wenation Weekend

An entire weekend with all the Ecosystem

Agilists Sans Frontieres

Our international cross-border Knowledge Share.

We are global

Wemanity has offices in 6 locations in Europe. From Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels, Luxembourg and London, our cooperators help clients transform worldwide. We are expanding internationally!

Thank you Wecitizens

Wemanity wouldn’t be the company it is today without the incredible and sparkling contributions of all our Wecitizens! This company, we built it together with each and everyone of our cooperators. And we would like to thank everyone who joined our awesome Wemanity journey. It’s because all of your hearts and energy that we are where we are today. Even if some of you have embarked on other journeys along the way, each one has helped us become who we are today. And the adventure continues with new people joining, challenging, helping, innovating, to further build Wemanity’s Agile practices and community.

We are proud of what we accomplished so far. We are enthusiastic about the journey ahead of us. And we are excited and hopeful for what Agile will bring to us and our society.

And because we are somewhat crazy from time to time, to thank our cooperators, we have a little challenge for them. The first 10 Wecitizens who read this and are able to tell us what a Wwarrior is at Wemanity will receive something really special.