Our Sustainability Program

Flat design illustration of Wemanity representing the respect of the environment

What is WeImpact

Flat design illustration of Wemanity representing the respect of the environment

Do you know this Native American Legend in which the forest is burning? While all of the terrified animals are running in circles, only the little hummingbird makes its best to do its bit by fetching few drops of water into the fire. Just like the hummingbird, we believe it is our own responsibility as citizens to make our bit by favoring Justice and General Interest over individualism to ensure a sustainable future.

WeImpact is our CSR program dedicated to leverage Social, Solidarity, and Environmental projects and programs.

Three pillars

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Guiding NGOs, Associations and CSRs in their Agile and Digital Transformation on 3 dimensions: Technological, Organisational, and Cultural one.

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Leading our own environmental and solidarity initiatives in our ecosystem: Collections, Donations, Solidarity races… and beyond.

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Encouraging healthy habits and sports activities to ensure the well-being and eco-friendly behaviors.

Our objectives for 2022: 1/1/C

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1% of our EBIT

to be dedicated to the causes that matter to our community among the 17 UN objectives

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1% of our community's time

to be spent on these causes, either through our philanthropy program, or social and environmental initiatives

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Become a contributive company by minimizing our negative impact and accelerating the positive one

The causes that matter the most to us

Among the 17 UN objectives

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Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

White icon of gender equality in a blue bubble


Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

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responsible consumption & production

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

White icon of an eye in a green bubble representing climate actions


Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.



Our cooperator Sega Diop, craftsman, helped HandsAway the first free mobile application against sexist attacks.

Users can create a precise and geo-localized alert in case of gender-based aggression, testimonize about the assault they experienced or witnessed and provide support to victims by creating a dialogue.

“It has been a pleasure to help Handsaway in the technical implementation of its features and automation, we surpassed our objectives and delivered more than expected! My immersion there was really natural and beneficial”



Our cooperator Amel Mhamdi, IA Expert, worked with Entourage, an association that develops pedagogical content in order to fight against precariousness and to remove the obstacles that prevent people from approaching the homeless people.

“Amel guided us on a field we wouldn’t have explored without the expertise of an external professional Agilist in IA. She has been deeply attentive to our vision, problems and has been really autonomous in her mission to make us grow and trained for future challenges. We learnt a lot on adapted plug and play tools!”

The Entourage team

Par Le Monde

Nicolas Pinon, Product Owner from Wemanity, build a mobile application with Par Le Monde.

Par Le Monde is forging cultural links between schoolchildren through the inclusive use of new technologies. Children are opening up to the world and getting more curious, tolerant, humble and responsible.

“It has been a real chance for our association to discover the role of PO and to build the right product in the right way. Through collective intelligence workshops, brainstorming and co-creation, Nicolas gave life to the product we had in mind!”

The Par Le Monde team

How can we make our bit together?

Are you a CSR, a Startup or an NGO looking for ways to take your Agile and Digital Transformation to the next level? WeImpact is here to help!

Contact us!

They believe in us

Flat design illustration of Wemanity representing the respect of the environment

Wemanity committed member of the BACA

The Belgian Alliance for Climate Action is a coalition of Belgian organisations that publicly demonstrate ambitious climate goals. Launched by The Shift and WWF, this coalition acts as a platform for Belgian organisations that are serious about their climate ambitions. By signing their pledge, we support the message that organisations have to play a major role in achieving the Paris Climate goals and we commit our organisation to reduce our carbon emissions accordingly.