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Our expertise

We help your human capital in acquiring new skills, a new mindset and new styles of leadership to create sustainable and lasting transformations.

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Agile & Project Management

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Culture & Leadership

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Tech & Data

Our tailor-made experience

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Tailor-made Trainings

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Formats, speakers and customized pace

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90-minute co-creation workshops based on our pedagogical canvas

We activate the right expertises to build a groundbreaking experience.

In order to adapt to your context and vocabulary, we will deploy your learning path using co-creation, iteration, piloting and return of experience as key ingredients.

Tailor-made trainings & workshops

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In-company training courses created together for your teams and run by our expert trainers.

Mentoring & train the trainer

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A Wemanity expert trainer supports your trainers in their development of skills. The objective is to enable them to deliver and facilitate future training courses.

Inspirational talks & events

Creative and convinced that learning is triggered in inspiring contexts, we organise tailor-made seminars for your employees. From booking venues, to catering, to organising workshops, we bring an event touch to your seminars and take care of everything!

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We are convinced that the speeches of leaders with inspiring backgrounds allows your employees to grow.

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Jurgen Appelo

Founder of the Management 3.0 approach

Founder of Agility Scales

Founder of Happy Melly

Picture of Jean-Christophe Conticello, Founder and CEO of Wemanity

Jean-Christophe Conticello

Founder and CEO of Wemanity

President and founding board member of the Club Agile Consortium France

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Arie Van Bennekum

Co-author of the Agile Manifesto

Founder of IATM

Thought Leader Wemanity

Digital learning

E-Learning Module

This programme allows your employees to better understand the benefits of agility within our organisations, and to assimilate the agile mindset before applying it in their daily work.

Videos Capsules

We have developed a range of video capsules on our favourite topics. These capsules can be integrated into your LMS independently or viewed as a complement to a training course. We can also create videos on demand.

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industries: health, insurance, bank & finance, energy, transport, retail, luxe, media

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certifications partners: EXIN,, SAFe, Management 3.0

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