The Wemanity Gift Box

A collection of tips and tricks based on our mission: Changing the World of Work through Agile, Cooperation and Innovation.

At Wemanity, we are convinced that the success of an organisation depends on its cooperators and that true intelligence comes from sharing knowledge. That’s why we have created, thanks to the help of many Wecitizens, a Gift Box like no other that you can consult at home, at the office or even in the transport.

A comprehensive collection of tips designed for every curious mind! The Wemanity Gift Box has been created by our cooperators in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Morocco, around our mission: change the world of work through Agile, Cooperation and Innovation.

In this toolbox, you will find videos to watch, recommended books, agile events to get started with, tips to boost your innovation and mottos to remember.

A project developed with the help of our cooperators: Toufik Jouhri, Clément Rault, Yann Peru, Rob van Wees, Camille Mayaux, Ninon Stref, Shannon Baccus, Kevin Trelet,Thomas Bouchard, Michael Gicquel, Thomas Rafflin, Elizabeth Sersté, Aurélien Castellarnau, Carine Alavoine, Viola Brusse, Frank Bollaert, Aurore Wuilmart, Daniel van der Starre, Frédéric Doisy, Morgane Dugauthier, Kenny Van Lith, Karim Zeroual, Emmely van 't Hof, Benjamin Simonneau, Oriane Derriks, Harm Jan Brondijk, Erik Peet, Koen Pierens, Gerd Jan Van Gils, Ingrid Drouen.

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