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Spark digest : Management 3.0: Agile leadership for happier people and successful organizations

Now more than ever, we live and work in a world where most of the time we are adapting to changes in all areas: technological, socio-demographic, political, economic and the way we behave in our daily lives.

This impacts the way we organise and manage our work; we need to act differently in all levels of the organisation to adapt to change and be successful; an agile way of working and leading organisations.

How do you implement change? How do we go from hierarchical management practices to a world of work where everyone is involved and engaged in the company?

Marc Nieman, Agile coach and licensed Management 3.0 facilitator discusses the benefits of change for your organisation and to follow the Management 3.0 Principles to succeed.

In this digest, you will understand that by following the Management 3.0 Principles, you can bring change to your organization and:

  • Engage people and their interactions
  • Improve the system
  • Help to delight all clients
  • Manage the system, not the people
  • Co-create work

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