Spark digest: Introduction to Organizational Change Management

In an ever-changing world, an increasing number of organizations are compelled to change the way they work, the tools they use and their structures.

Organizational change management (OCM) encompasses a range of approaches designed to prepare, support, and assist individuals, teams, and organizations through these changes. It is a vital component in achieving successful transformations.

How does it work?
By establishing connections that drive transformation and ensuring the diffusion of its DNA throughout the entire organization. This involves embracing an adaptive way of working, such as agile methodologies, adopting a customer-centric approach and prioritizing human-centric practices.

A guide created with Alexander Suykens, Change Manager, and Kirsten Dewilde, Transformation Lead at Wemanity.

Discover 5 themes

The different types of transformation

The reasons behind successful changes

The definition of Organizational Change Management

Framework examples for OCM

Tools for OCM

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