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Spark digest - Hybrid organisation: how to make a successful transition?

The sanitary crisis has generated a massive and global acceleration of remote work. After an intense period of experimentation and learning, many organisations are now deciding to work in a hybrid environment, a rhythm alternating on-site and remote work.

However, hybrid organisation can be counterproductive, or even harmful, if not handled carefully.

Are you wondering how to deal with your organisation and your employees splitting up? In this digest, you will discover 9 themes that respond to your challenges:

  • Differentiate telecommuting and remote working
  • Create a remote architecture
  • Manage remote communication
  • Master the spring / boomerang effect
  • Communicate appropriately
  • Build a work/life balance
  • Rearrange the workspaces
  • Anticipate and handle conflicts
  • Measure remote effectiveness

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