Spark digest : The 5 golden rules for a successful agile transformation

Agility generates a lot of enthusiasm, but also a lot of disappointment due to a lack of tangible results at the organisational level. Contrary to what we might think, agility is not a miracle recipe that can be blindly relied upon to boost growth.

Beyond a culture, agile must be integrated into the intrinsic functioning of companies and aim for coherence and empowerment, rather than the strict application of frameworks or methods.

Today, a certain number of preconceived ideas slow down or even prevent the implementation of these approaches.

In this digest, you will discover the 5 golden rules to know before embarking on a transformation. As well as an introspection on the agility challenges of tomorrow.

A guide created with Florence Lacourt, Leader of the agile transformation within the pharmaceutical company Roche.

Discover 5 themes

Give momentum to the highest level, ensuring a link between strategy and operations

Lead the deployment with leader-coaches

Design a framework that fits the company's context

Anchor agile practices in the culture

Develop the governance processes, starting with the budget

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