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Spark digest : How to deploy agility at scale in your organisation?

In response to the need for constant change and the accelerating competitive marketplace, more and more organisations are looking to transform into a more agile model, which, if done well, grants many benefits:

  • Transparency and improved team engagement
  • Increased productivity and responsiveness
  • Solutions adapted to the needs of the end customer
  • Improved quality of products and services...

However, organisations that start this change often face a maturity gap between their teams, entities or managers, with agile practices that may differ.

How can agility at scale address the issues that this disparity generates?

In this digest, you will discover our tips for ensuring agility at scale across your organisation:

  • A reminder of the promises and challenges of agility at scale
  • The starting points of the approach to identify
  • The different perimeters to cover
  • The performance to measure
  • How to drive agility at scale with stakeholders

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