7P Canvas

Put an end to pointless meetings with the 7P canvas!

Meetings are part of our daily work lives. Unfortunately, for many people, these meetings end up either unsuccessful or unproductive. And yet, it appears that the key to successful teamwork (during workshops, meetings, etc.) lies in their preparation at 80%!

To prevent unsuccessful meetings and the frustration they can cause, there is a solution: the 7P canvas.

Inspired by the James Macanufo’s 7Ps Framework, this model will allow you to focus on the essential by providing the necessary preparation for your collective moments, based on 7 axes:

To help you, a pre-filled example is also included.

Discover the 7 axes

Purpose: why are we here?

People: who is concerned?

Product: what do we produce?

Process: what is the agenda?

Preparation: what needs to be done in advance?

Practical concerns: what are the logistics?

Pitfalls: what are the risks and how to handle them?

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