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Worldwide Business Transformation


The transformation journey aimed to increase the value of a specific department that is too often perceived as a cost center and to position it as a business enabler and trusted advisor. The challenge for 2021 was to deploy the new ways of working and deploy the new operating model at the same time.

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  • Establishing an agile playbook to gather new ways of working for teams and product domains
  • Leading and facilitating the Agile Center of Excellence with the appropriate metrics set, production of assets and steering governance
  • Coaching of 52 product teams that deliver end-to-end business capabilities with maximum autonomy
  • Preparing and delivering a learning journey to acculturate all employees and train key roles of product teams, while onboarding and coaching internal trainers
  • Creation and deployment of a change and communication plan, including creation of an agile playlist and regular remote events

Key results

  • A first wave with 10 product teams launched with 3 key product domains over 3 first months (E-commerce, Client Marketing, Omnicanal platform)
  • A first PI planning experimented over one tribe (80 people)
  • A second pilot wave with 15 product teams followed with integration of region
  • The agile playbook delivered in 3 months with the contribution of directors
  • After 9 months of “test and learn” approach with frontrunners, new domains such as Infra & Ops, but also Operations & Logistics have been integrated
  • Practical guidelines created to enable SAP teams with agile practices in collaboration with traditional teams
  • A new approach imagined for the “Continuous Improvement” stage for frontrunners and the deployment of the product organization over the whole organisation through a dedicated program