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Supporting the ERP System Implementation


CRC Industries recognized the need to streamline its operations and sought to internationally implement a unified ERP system. The company realized that the existing fragmentation of ERP systems and varied working methods had resulted in a significant lack of overview and a disorganized approach. To address this, the organization aimed to introduce an English-based way of working across its EMEIA countries, encompassing plants with diverse processes, cultures and languages. By doing so, they aimed to establish a standardized and structured approach that would enhance efficiency and collaboration. The implementation process required aligning the fragmented production process, which included numerous small and independent teams.

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  • Definition of an integrated change & adoption approach throughout the overall transformation journey (end-to-end)
  • Embarking leadership across the program to accelerate decision making and showcasing the new way of working
  • Informing unions on progress and impact
  • Activating change and key user communities to drive the change towards their colleagues
  • Piloting and iterative scaling up of their corrugated approach
  • Definition of backfill role for each people that was taken up internally project wise

Key results

  • Significant increase in employee satisfaction, engagement and productivity thanks to the hybrid working model
  • No losses of employees
  • Good relations with trade unions and visible support
  • Increased self-confidence among the employees towards the go-live date
  • Production and shipment operational immediately after the go-live
  • Anchored change management approach in the organization's system
  • 68% of employees worldwide have adopted the new ways of working
  • Global project delivered on time and within the budget limit
  • Enhanced collaboration between logistical, productions, support and financial teams
  • Prepared for future challenges and acquisitions