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Scaled Organizational Transformation


The client started in 2020 a major change program, through an agile transformation initiative which started at group level. The aim was to increase their overall business agility by making business and IT act as one team, increase the autonomy and generate an end-to-end responsibility to jointly deliver high quality solutions and adapt rapidly to fast changing customer expectations.

Using the SAFe framework and with the objective to increase the overall agile maturity across all the IT teams, including the leadership to middle-management teams, the client decided to partner with Wemanity to underpin the regional transformation endeavours. Working closely with the CIO and the IT Director, Wemanity focused on the Data Value Stream with 100 people initially organized in skills silos and project mode.

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  • Assessment with first screening of their current way of working
  • Identification of strengths and improvement tracks
  • Refinement of the initial transformation backlog
  • Creation of the first roadmap to increase Agility across local teams
  • Building of an Agile Change Coalition initially focused on the data value stream led by the IT Director and supported by agile coaches
  • Use of new prioritization techniques to support the budget and planning exercises
  • Supporting people playing new roles through specific co-built training paths for the teams
  • Supporting teams in their agile way of working in several projects

Key results

  • Increased agility at local level and alignment of leaders
  • Elevator pitch for the transformation and an 18 month timeline filled with clear ambitions
  • The first agile “joint team” created for a program embedded into the Data Value Stream
  • Project on track and happy sponsor
  • Regional projects working agile and new project teams organized in an agile way, using short iterations and fast feedback loops
  • Multiple trainings delivered for Business & IT on Agile foundations, Product Ownership and Scrum Mastering
  • ExCo sensitized about agile and their key role to help enhancing business agility in the organization
  • ExCo sensitized about showcasing agile leadership behaviours