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Illustration graphique représentant des personnes qui innovent et qui utilisent des tableaux Kanban dans les bureaux de Wemanity Illustration graphique représentant des personnes qui innovent et qui utilisent des tableaux Kanban dans les bureaux de Wemanity
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Backend Craftsman

Bruxelles, BE

Anvers, BE


We're looking for passionate & motivated people, willing to build something for a common goal. Are you driven by new digital trends and technologies? Do you prefer acting over talking? Are you eager to join us and spend time improving ourselves, creating new products, and making the world a better place? Do you like facing new challenges and going out of your comfort zone?

Then you might be the person we are looking for! Let's talk about your favorite technologies (.NET, Java, Python, Typescript, PHP, Golang…), JS frameworks (Angular, React, Vue.js...), tools (Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes...) and best practices (BDD, TDD, CI/CD).


Information Technology & Services Management Consulting

Employment type


Seniority Level

  • Confirmed
  • Senior

Expected profile:

  • You have an engineering degree
  • You’re multilingual (English, French and/or Dutch)
  • You’re comfortable working with the business and technical team members
  • You strive for continuous improvement
  • You put the user experience at the heart of his or her work
  • You consider that being Agile is a way to quickly deliver the MVP
  • You’re a proactive person, naturally curious and generous, for whom the team's interest comes before his or her own
  • You’re a real team player, who is comfortable with asking for help and you find natural to offer your help to your peers
  • You understand our motto: you say it, you own it. You would rather act than talk
  • You find real pleasure and pride in making the team successful
  • You’re an authentic person who says what he does and does what he says. Someone who's real, who doesn't fear failure, learns from mistakes and knows to react rapidly without losing positive thinking

What can we bring you?

  • An active and growing community of developers, eager to help each other progress (Monthly knowledge sharing, Mentoring, Meetup...)
  • An internal environment conducive to the sharing of knowledge (both professional and personal)
  • The opportunity to rock our client environments by joining Wemanity Squads team
  • Post-its everywhere! #postitlover
  • Good mood and afterworks with beers

Come and tell us about yourself, your passions, your values. We will be happy to meet you and speak about your dream.

What matters is your motivation and your ability to progress. Take your chance and send us your resume.

We have dreams, what about you? Apply now!

©2022 Wemanity Tous droits réservés

©2022 Wemanity Tous droits réservés