The pillars of our internal Agile culture and events

At Wemanity, we have a very strong internal culture that we value and nurture. We care about each other, we play fair, we help each other grow & celebrate team successes. We are one family, one International team and we spend as much time together as possible. Dive into our Agile culture and events!

The Open Wemanity Day

A day per quarter to Create together, Innovate together, Build together

The Open Wemanity Day is a very special day where we all meet to challenge ourselves, share our ideas and work to build Wemanity together.

Our goal? Create the company we believe in, together.

The OWD exists since Wemanity’s creation. This day was launched by the very first wemen in the game, with the aim of dedicating time to enhance our company. Every 3 months, we gather and spend the whole day together. If the program may vary, the objectives are the same : knowledge sharing, continuous and collective improvement for one shared purpose : create the company we believe in, together.

We believe great ideas are commonplace. The Open Wemanity Day is the perfect time to share new thoughts and projects. Anyone can suggest an improvement or a brand new idea, find peers interested in the topic and as a team, take ownership of the topic. As we love to say at Wemanity: you say it you own it.

Some of our most succesful projects were born at the OWD. Others die after a few weeks, it’s all part of the game. But what makes us really proud is the passion that drives everybody to improve and make Wemanity a better company OWD after OWD.

The Open Wenation Weekend

“If you can laugh together, you can work together.” ~R. Orben.

Once a year, the Open Wenation Weekend ( also known as the famous & mysterious OWW) brings the international teams together for 2 days of catching up, sharing, and celebrating all together.

Deeply inspired by our values, a successful OWW is based on a 3-ingredients recipe:

  • The magic word: have fun, still fun, and always fun
  • Be disruptive and creative: dare, still dare, and always dare
  • Co-create the experience: share, still share, and alway share

Agilists Sans Frontieres

Our International Agile Community gather every quarter for a cross-border Knowledge Share

Every 3 months, we spend a day together talking about what we love most: How to become the best Agile community ever! How Agile can change the world! Every Agile coach, Scrum Master, Product Owner or DevOps coach in Wemanity is part of this community. ASF is about sharing our expertise, our knowledge, our experience in order for all of us to learn, grow and speak the same language.