White paper: The Art Of Change Management - Navigating Your Company Through Transition

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Change management is the gateway to organizational resilience in an evolving marketplace. While the reasons for transformation are plentyfull, the journey to success remains complex and uncertain. Studies show that without effective change management, over 70% of transformations fail to realize their expected benefits.

A comprehensive change approach maximises project’s ROI, ensures faster adoption by all stakeholders, enhances employee engagement and generates clearer strategic alignment throughout the organisation. This whitepaper offers practical guidance, tailored insights, and strategies for mastering the art of change while underlining the importance of engaging a broad audience in the change process and moving forward in an iterative way.

A guide created with Sonja Noben, CEO of Wemanity Business Transformation, Alexander Suykens, Organizational Change Management Lead, Kirsten Dewilde, Transformation Lead, Romane Gros, Change Consultant and Victor Beauduin, Transformation Consultant at Wemanity.

Discover 5 themes

What is Organizational Change Management

The different Change Management Frameworks and Models

How to assess organizational readiness for Change

How to accelerate, sustain and deal with the complexities of Change

How other companies are doing it

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