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Deploying a Transformation Plan at Scale


The client has launched an international transformation program with agility projects in mind. After several experiments and maturity measurements, it was found that there was heterogeneity in terms of practices and maturity within the teams. As a result, there is a lack of harmony and synchronization among the teams in order to serenely initiate an agility phase at the organizational level.

In client strategic vision, agility is used to transform IT delivery in order to improve time to market and business satisfaction, and to favourably accentuate quality and security indicators. The client chose Wemanity to deploy a transformation plan at scale, to provide feedback to feed the reflections and to provide the community of experts to accompany the first steps to autonomy.

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  • Program Portfolio, Target Operating Model Spotify & SAFe
  • Implementation of Objective Key Results
  • Creation of tribes and squads
  • Implementation of an internal coaches academy
  • Creation of Kanban for shared service centers
  • Deployment of the global Target Operating Model

Key results

  • Standardized coaching practices at the level of squads, tribes and Center of Expertise (70 squads)
  • Agile maturity indicators implemented for team self-assessment
  • An agile governance
  • Jira for backlog management
  • Library of pedagogical contents for the self-training of employees created
  • Training and upskilling of 2 internal coaches
  • Coaching of the management team to make them more agile, collaborative and transparent
  • Coaching and change plan implemented for the different populations of managers: local managers, new managers and directors