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Creating sustainable change environments


Cosumar is a company in perpetual evolution in which change initiatives are numerous and diverse.

To consolidate these efforts and to foster leadership and promote exchanges for a more fluid operation, particularly concerning the 2025 strategy, the HR Director of the group wants to set up a global environment to support the evolution.

Wemanity was asked to consolidate initiatives and support change through a consistent and coherent environment that fosters exchanges between governance, learning, projects, innovation, and communities.

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  • Construction of an environment that enables the virtualization of the company's operations in order to accelerate their evolution
  • Preparation and facilitation of a workshop involving more than 50 people for the initial design of the organisation's change environment
  • Creation of specific trainings from leadership to new ways of working through remote work to support change and evolution
  • Delivering operational support for the implementation and evolution of the environment

Key results

  • Involvement of 50 leaders in the creation and operation of an ecosystem that will promote global change in the company
  • Lean Start-Up, Design Thinking, Agile Fundamentals and Agile Leadership trainings were delivered
  • From April 2020, until End of 2020, Wemanity's mentors supported Cosumar’s teams remotely in the design and conception phases as well as in the animation of the workshops and the execution of the trainings