Integrated Agile
Transformation Model TM

A Custom-Made Framework

Inspired by twenty years of experience and best practices in transformations, we have developed our own transformation framework, based on changing paradigms. Today, we use this unique approach at clients all over the world to lead their transformations successfully.

Flat design illustration representing Wemanity's Integrated Agile Transformation Model

Our approach

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A proven concept

IATM is a set of best practices from over 20 years of experience in Agile Transformations

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Custom approach

You need a plan, with enough “freedom within a framework” to ensure the best possible approach for your organisation

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Passion for Agile

Arie van Bennekum, co-author of the Agile Manifesto, and our community of Agile coaches are highly passionate about Agile and are continuously improving our approach

The model

The model is organised in a series of waves. Each wave is a simple and functional process where, per time box, explicit objectives are being pursued.

Wemanity's Integrated Agile Transformation Model schema

First Contact:

Discussing the challenge together with the client

Assessment & Foundations:

Defining the maturity of the company, the business, solution & management foundations to start scaling Agile


Enabling the company's internal coaches to improve their skills


Clarify the ˮwhat's in it for meˮ and set up a shared comprehension of Agile


Your people following our coaches on the job


Your people leading the transformation


Filling in the toolbox of your people to make them autonomous

Leadership Program:

Support managers to grow in their posture, give autonomy to the team and act as a servant leader

In numbers


Integrated Agile transformations worldwide


Multinational transformations using our framework


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