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Flat design illustration of an office at Wemanity, with people innovating, using Kanban boards, developing, being mentored Flat design illustration of an office at Wemanity, with people innovating, using Kanban boards, developing, being mentored
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Scrum Master

The Hague, NL

Hybrid, NL


The Agile way of working is more than a methodology. As a scrum master, you understand the framework and why it has been implemented that way. You are able to look further than the theory. You understand the importance of individuals and context. You know how people work, how to build teams and let them collaborate. Your mission is to change the world of working and your drive is to have the most self-organized team ever. You are using Scrum to add real value instead of using it because it is meant to be that way. Are you ready to unleash the true Scrum potential instead of applying it as a ‘trick’? Then we want you!

Your mission as a Scrum Master is to:

  • Help teams and organizations to become Agile. We see becoming Agile as a means, focusing on adding real value for the customer.
  • Coach the teams to become a high performance team.
  • Focus on personal growth of team members towards value delivery and organizational change.
  • Work in different contexts and with different people.
  • Oversee and guide Scrum teams.
  • Have an agnostic approach of Agile and Scrum. There is a plethora in frameworks and methods that you can pick from, depending on the situation.

We are not the right place for you if you:

  • Never use stickies and don’t see the point of that.
  • Want to apply Scrum as a robot and never think further than needed.
  • Want to switch teams everyday because, why stick around?
  • Got your certificates (PSM I, PSM II), but never really practiced being a Scrum Master.
  • Think you are always right and that it is the rest of the world who needs to change.

So, what is in it for you:

  • Joining a company that is on a mission to change the way of working in the world.
  • Great assignments. We work for (large) clients all over the Netherlands and abroad.
  • Becoming part of a company that is Agile to its core. We work together in PODs (teams) and have no managers. The people in the PODs take care of each other’s well being and (personal) development. We put the responsibility where it should be.
  • Highly knowledgeable colleagues with a lot of experience in Agile and beyond. As colleagues we are involved and we try to share our knowledge as much as we can in our monthly knowledge shares, at our yearly Open Wemanity Day and in international context.
  • Possibilities for growth: We offer you the chance to be a knowledgeable and valued colleague. This means you can take upon different roles as an agilist.
  • Room for entrepreneurship. If you have a good idea, take your chance and run with it. We support you.
  • A salary from a value statement point of view. Does it sound weird? Great, give us a call. We are always happy to explain.
  • Of course we take care of you with a 13th month, fully paid pension by Wemanity, a lease car, holiday allowance, 25 vacation days, personal development budget (budget and days), and a good laptop and compensation for your phone.

Who are We?

At Wemanity we care about each other. There is a reason why we put WE in front of everything. We work in self-organizing teams without any unnecessary hierarchy, and we foster freedom. We aim for a happiness score that is 5 out of 5. This may sound idealistic, but we aim for the best. Our culture makes us stand out and is reflected in our three values: Customer love, The spirit of Ubuntu and Agile in the core. What makes us different is that we are connected, personal, honest, open, transparent and we support each other.

Wemanity was founded in 2013 in France and now we have offices in France, Belgium, Morocco, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, and we have 600+ colleagues worldwide. We are internationally connected and organize international events for our coaches. Since October 2022 we are part of Reply’s network of brands. Wemanity Netherlands was founded in 2016 and we are currently with 40 experienced coaches. Our office is beautifully located and close to the Plein in The Hague. When you have a look outside you will see ‘het binnenhof’ and ‘het torentje’. Want to know more about us, our values or culture?

Do you want to work with us?

We appreciate people that think differently. Come and tell us about yourself, your passions and your values. We will be happy to meet you and speak about your dream. The application process consists of three or four job interviews.

What matters is you, your motivation and your ability to progress. Commit your application by sending us an email or text, give us a call or click on the apply button. If you have any questions? We will always take time to answer them. You can contact our recruiter, Iris de Clerck, via

We have dreams, what about you? Apply now!