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AgileAtWork ®, the first work Index to assess companies’ Agility

Wemanity and Choose My Company pair up to co-create the AgileAtWork ® label

Following last year’s success of our first coverage, Wemanity and Choose My Company are proud to reintroduce the very first Index dedicated to the employees’ sensitivity to Agile: the AgileAtWork Index ®. This index aims to list the French companies most responsive to Agile methods and culture, a key issue at the time of the economy of experience.

Purpose of the Index

Innovation and collaboration are at the heart of Agile’s approach and Wemanity’s values. When Agile culture is adopted, true change can happen. This is why we were so keen to develop an index on the sensitivity of employees to Agile methods and culture.

Earning the label is a testament for your organization and employees to spread their Agility and flexibility-related work expertise. Full rankings of the top Agile-oriented companies are then made into a published issue from business French media Les Echos START.

AgileAtWork award ceremony 2018
AgileAtWork award ceremony 2018

Happy/AgileatWork® 2018 awards ceremony – Théâtre de Paris

AgileAtWork award ceremony 2018
AgileAtWork award ceremony 2018

Jean-Christophe Conticello, CEO of Wemanity, on stage to hand out the trophies

How can I register?

Registrations are open until March 31st. Organizations can participate and label whole or part of their structure (per country, internal services…). In order to get accredited, companies will receive an online survey to fill out – 16 closed-ended questions are sent to each and every employee. The results are known in real time and the label immediately given after 12 days of inquiry.

Pre-requirement: be a working company settled in France. Note that registration is completely free. Companies will automatically get sorted into three categories based on their size: 1-49 employees | 50 to 499 employees | 500+ employees.

The ranking of the most agile companies will be unveiled on June 19th at an awards ceremony, in which Jean-Christophe Conticello – CEO of Wemanity – will hand out the trophies to the top 3 winners.


The AgileAtWork 2018® ranking

Curious about which companies ranked among last year’s top list?

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