Meet Sandra


To support people to do it themselves, that is my inner drive as Agile Coach. Stimulating teams to improve collaboration, quality and throughput time, I ensure everybody understands that communication is key when it comes to agility. To get them where they need to be, I use ‘feedforward’ (⇔feedback), openness and humor. My motto is to assume good will; I will always start my interventions from there.



So Sandra, who are you?


W : What is your favourite Agile principle and why?

S : That would have to be: “At regular intervals, the team reflects on how to become more effective, then tunes and adjusts its behaviour accordingly.” If you are a truly self-steering team, you realize the importance of this principle. If done well and regularly, self-reflection stimulates quality, early delivery and it strengthens the team in terms of motivation and purpose.


W : Which song describes Agility best?

S : ‘Reach Out’ from the Four Tops is the first song coming to my mind :o). In the end, agility is about teamwork and communication; we try to deliver the best quality product together in the shortest timeframe possible. Nobody’s perfect, therefore you have to ask for help in time, to not jeopardize quality and delivery. The team will be there to see you through…


W : The ultimate me-time is made of…

S : A good hour of modern ballet dancing and then a grand cup of Twining’s Lady Grey tea to cool down again!


W : My favourite gadget as an Agile Coach…

S : Are my markers and paper! Visualisation is key within the agile world; information radiators displaying the project’s content, progress and impediments make it impossible to stick your head into the sand as team, stakeholders and/or management. It makes it so much easier for people to understand all aspects of the ongoing project and it stimulates the oh-so-important interaction on the spot.


W : In which non-IT related area could Agile do wonders and why?

S : I think the principles of a Kanban board can work miracles in school classes, learning students to plan their (home)work accurately and to take responsibility for their learning objectives.



Sandra visualized