Meet Maarten


As a musician, I found my 'groove' …. As a professional coach I will help you find yours.

The sound of a penny dropping is what I aim for. Visualization is one of the instruments I use to achieve that. I stir things up, and bring out the best in people and the company. Getting results in an efficient but mostly fun way is what I value. Together we strive to get the maximum result, and doing so, we will enjoy the journey.


The things I do, I do them my own way: with passion and inspiration!


Anyhow, that was me.. Who are you? And how can I help YOU?


So Maarten, who are you?


W : Your favourite gadget as an Agile Coach is…

M : My bag of colourful markers… and my minions… definitely my minions. Using visuals to explain is a powerful way in helping people understand. And the beauty is that people don’t have to make notes, but can take a picture. #maximizing the amount of work NOT done ;).


W : Your ultimate me-time is made of…

M : Guitars, beer, friends and jamming!


W : At the end of the horizon, there is...

M : Always more to see. We all have goals we want to achieve. And often when we achieve them we see new things. For me it is just like learning new things or techniques.. you are NEVER done so always be open to new possibilities.


W : Which song describes agility best?

M : A bluesy jam session! When you lay out the heartbeat, everyone finds their role. In small iterations beautiful things can emerge. In fact, there’s a whole Tuckman team dynamics process (Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing) going on doing so.


Maarten visualized