Meet Lucas


I am a Social Recruiter at Wemanity because I like listening to people and helping others succeed. Everybody has their story and I have this immense chance of listening to them and potentially contributing to their next chapters. Why Wemanity? I joined Wemanity in 2016 for its values, its ecosystem and for the vision that this company holds today. Helping companies deliver greater value in a shorter time while improving the sense of employee engagement and well-being is something I care about. As a digital native and being part of Generation Y, I want to see a better working world, different from the one we have today and I think Wemanity has the people and willpower to get there!



So Lucas, who are you?


W : In which non-IT related area could Agile do wonders and why?

L : If Agile is all about delivering quality in the shortest time possible, thanks to constant feedback, then Agile could be applied in cooking. I love to bake pastries and my biggest reward is seeing the smile on my friends’, family’s and colleague’s faces when they taste and appreciate the biscuits or tarts I bake. What I truly appreciate is getting feedback: “hmm, you could have added more sugar” or “try adding almonds next time”, so next time my creations are of better quality and more pleasing for consumers.


W : What are you particularly passionate about?

L : I am a big mountain person. There is nothing better than a nice walk in the woods on a beautiful autumn morning. In this fast moving world we often don’t take time to step back and think about our actions. Mountains are a good remedy for that.


W : What’s your biggest fail?

L : LOL. So many fails, probably more than there are presents on Santa’s gift list. Much more to come anyways!