Meet Hans


Making connections, that’s what it’s all about! I love to connect people, knowledge, experiences, teams, ambitions and goals. Because Agile is about interaction in every possible dimension. And that drives me in what I do every single day as an agile coach.


When I am at the gemba I help teams to visualize the product delivered to the end user, or even better, the emotion of a happy customer. An inspiring target condition that acts as a glue for the team. And I like to reflect with individual professionals on what they do, why they do what they do and what their ambition is.


So Hans, who are you?


W : What is your favourite Agile principle and why?

H : That’s an easy question, but difficult to answer because they are all so relevant. My choice would be that the team reflects at regular intervals on how to become more effective in order to tune and adjust its behaviour accordingly. Maybe because really acknowledging the learnings and selecting just one improvement is not easy for a lot of teams.


W: At the end of the tunnel, there is... 

H: Authenticity! It’s not a matter of course that what people say or do is in line with their personal values. When individuals step into the office, they step into all the paradigms of that system that may conflict with who they are as a person. It also is applicable to organizations that try to do agile in a ‘superficial’ way, instead of being agile to the bone.

In the end, authenticity will prevail!


W: What are you particularly passionate about? 

H: I’m passionate about creating. From making bread and pizza to DIY-stuff. In fact this is about craftsmanship, which is the link to my work as an agile coach. Always learning and improving to become better than the day before.

W: What’s your biggest fail?

H: A couple of years ago, as a coach of a management team of a large company, I was compensating for their lack of commitment. My fail was that deep inside I knew it wasn’t the right context for success, but should have acted sooner in starting the appropriate dialogue like I’m used to do nowadays.


W : In which non-IT related area could Agile do wonders and why?

H: I worked a lot with governmental organizations and agile could make a big difference there to shift to really customer-centred processes and also to create a learning and knowledge sharing environment.


Hans visualized