Meet Hanno


The positive impact of the Agile way of working on the fun and motivation of the people surprises me again and again.

At first there is disbelief, sometimes denial, and then slowly but surely change starts to happen, eyes start to twinkle and teams start to grow.

Seeing that happening during training, in the transition process or in personal coaching is what drives me, getting people, teams and companies to their full potential. That is what I do every day and I truly love it.



So Hanno, who are you?


W : At the end of the tunnel, there is...

H : Light, light and light….. If you can accept and absorb what’s coming (even without knowing it), you have faith in you and you can handle anything.


W : What single life event helped defining who you are as an Agile coach today?

H : I chose for love when I met my current wife; I made a tough decision to leave my family at that time.  Finding the power to make that difficult choice created freedom. That freedom I use every day as a coach to help others.


W : The ultimate me-time is made of…

H : Visiting an interesting city with museums or sites where I can learn something about anything, e.g. history, technology, arts. Also: quality time, nice food and good company.


W : What is your favourite Agile value and why?

H : Customer collaboration over Contract negotiation, because positive, constructive communication and partnership create a better corporate world and happier employees and working environments.