Meet Alie


I started my career as a chemist in 1978. 20 years ago I chose to retrain myself in IT. I am glad Arie van Bennekum offered me a job back then. He trained me in the world of DSDM, an Agile methodology for developing software. Since then Agile became my mindset and was programmed into my genes. The Agile way of working entails a lot of energy in the working environment of a team. This makes me a very happy Agile Coach.



So, Alie, who are you?


W : What is your favorite Agile value and why?

A : "Responding to change over following a plan” is my favorite! Plans can change so fast that you must deal with it in an efficient and effective way.


W: Who are you as a professional? 

A: I am an energetic result-driven Agile Coach. I have fulfilled different IT roles in many companies. I am flexible and pragmatic when this is necessary within situations I am dealing with.


W: The ultimate me-time is made of…   

A: Eating with my children, reading a book, going out with friends, traveling with my husband and playing volleyball.


W : In which non-IT related area could Agile do wonders and why?

A: I have worked as a chemist in a hospital for 10 years. All research employees were working on their own project. If the business and the research employees had worked together on a daily basis, the innovation would have been more efficient and effective.



Alie visualized