Meet Thomas


I work as an Agile Talent Acquisition Specialist to take people's career to the next level and because I love to grow Wemanity's communities with a great fit! I do it by expressing the passion I have for the jobs I recruit: whether it is by attending MeetUps about DevOps or by taking Java coding lessons. 



So Thomas, who are you?


W : What is your favourite metaphor when it comes to Agility?

T : Not a metaphor but a saying that represents the culture of testing in Agile and is inspired by Edward Deming's work: "In God we trust... The rest we test!"


W : My favourite gadgets as a Social Recruiter are…

T : LinkedIn & Twitter. I love to feel the power of social networks that enables me to meet awesome people!


W : In which non-IT related area could Agile do wonders and why?

T : HR of course! You think implementing Scrum in an HR team is mission impossible? We do Sprint Reviews where we define our recruiting priorities, Daily StandUps where we talk about our impediments and Sprint Reviews where we discuss the candidates we've met!


W : What are you particularly passionate about?

T : Travelling is my big passion! Give me 15 minutes with a computer & an internet connection and I'll find you a spot to spend the weekend abroad for a few euros!