Meet Rose


Getting up in the morning I’m ready to play some ROCK ‘N ROLL! I’m a pragmatic transformation agent and Agile coach, with a soft spot for personal collaboration and organizational structures that enable people to be their best. With a background as a clinical psychologist, I like facilitating change for everybody involved and have a special interest in creating and strengthening leadership styles that support success.

Believing in people, having an ‘everything is possible’ mindset and sharing my knowledge and expertise with others, I strive for the success of companies, teams and individuals.
I focus my energy on leading the change. Whether it is as a public speaker, a transformation lead or an Agile coach in teams. I love to empower, and feel blessed I get to do this on a daily basis.



So, Rose, who are you?


W : Who are you as an individual?

A : I travel the world and the seven seas. There is so much to discover, and so much you don’t know. I like to step out of my comfort zone and experience what I haven’t experienced before. When I’m home, which is not that often, I like to cook luscious meals for my family and friends. Or I look for a story in a book or a movie.


W : Who are you as a professional?

A : Ambitious, Energetic, Powerful, Enthusiastic, Pragmatic and Involved. I love so solve the complex puzzle, only to replace it with an easy one.


W : Why Wemanity?

A : One shared ambition to be the number one Agile Transformation reference in the world.


W : What are you particularly passionate about?

A : Transforming complete organizations into responsive, innovative environments where people can continuously learn and improve.


W : What’s your biggest fail?

A : The fact that I give it to you straight. I pull of the band aid fast. I don’t believe in letting organizations suffer, while there is a solution at hand. I believe in honesty and transparency.


W : What is your favourite Agile principle and why?

A : Individuals and interactions over processes and tools. Because people make the difference and human creativity is the driving force of everything.


W : What are your favourite metaphors when it comes to Agility?

A :  Complexity is simplicity that failed.



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