Wemanity likes to share knowledge and experience, with our clients, our network as well as upcoming digital talent. Therefore, at the heart of our agile approach is the Open Academy: a unique mix of a laboratory, a community and a knowledge centre.


Laboratory R&D


Working in the future


In our research lab we experiment with just about everything that is 'digital'. Robots, Internet of things, connected objects, near field communication and big data are some examples of what we are passionate about. We believe digital has only started to change the world around us and with our lab, we stay ahead of the curve and improve ourselves everyday. That is why we can provide our clients with tried and tested solutions, getting your company one step ahead of the rest in the process.


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Human resources


A happy worker is a good worker. We pride ourselves in the fact that our community is one of the strongest in the IT sector. Solely focussed on the human side of things, we make time and effort to study how we can be a truly cooperative community, doing the name Wemanity proud.  


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Knowledge Centre


Working with wisdom


We are constantly building on our agile community and strive to always do as many events, lectures, workshops, inspirational sessions, co-creation sessions, and innovator programs as we can.


The spirit of Wemanity is that of a community focussing on continuous improvement of services towards your future. At least once a week we have an event where you can find new inspiration and insights to compete in this rapidly changing world.


Among many other activities, we offer:


The Wemanity Words of Wisdom events are what we call our lightning talks : inspirational speakers from our entire network providing insights to our community. WWOW is a great example on how we approach both our and your business challenges: Innovation through Cooperation. 



Our Coach Team Wemanity is one of the major driving forces of the company. Solely consisting of senior agile coaches and consultants in the fields of systems, people and innovation, they challenge each other every week on the different cases they work on. As a client you always get a senior agile coach to spar with of course. With CTW in place however, you get them all. 



Wemanity Brussels weekly Agile Future event



A day of presentation on the vision of Wemanity and how we create Digital Unity…and afterwork drinks of course!



Wemanity at your company

Presentations on the future of companies and how agility can help you secure that future for your bottom line




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