Meet Lisette

Since the very beginning I had the feeling that ‘agile’ was within the DNA of Wemanity. One of the best words in Agile is ‘transparency’. It’s about openness, visibility, nothing swept under the carpet. Wemanity certainly embodies that concept. Next to that, I also very much appreciate the entrepreneurial mindset in our company; Wemanity gives a lot of freedom and trust towards its employees.
The best thing about agile is how it can lead to great results with customers, once they have made the mindshift that comes with embracing the agile way of working. Sometimes when entering customer premises you can really feel that change! This really makes the difference between the old days and today; back then you did see positive results in turnover, but nowadays also a positive change in behaviour and atmosphere.
My passion is to shape contracts and good relationships in an agile way; to provide the customers with something that really offers value to them. I also find it very important that our agile coaching teams are happy and busy with beautiful agile transformations within companies.
The passion and drive in our teams is really moving me!

So, Lisette, who are you?

W: The ultimate me-time is made of…   
L: Going out with friends, watching a favorite tv series, eating with my children, listening to music and walking the dog!     
W: At the end of the tunnel, there is... 
L: A Chardonnay and music; there is always positivity!
W: In which non-IT related area could Agile do wonders and why? 
L: In sales and marketing, because the agile way of working allows for more focus and enables finishing the tasks at hand (stop starting, start finishing!)
W: Who are you as a professional? 
L: I have a driven personality, though I do not consider myself pushy. It is more that I don’t let go easily; I am a go-getter! Next to that I am energetic, always in for a laugh and I have a great sense of responsibility. With me, it’s all work AND play!