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Markets are changing ever more rapidly. The fast paced changes we see in the business world call for new approaches to maintain a healthy bottom line and speed up innovation. Our modern day organizations need to be extremely entrepreneurial to keep up with the pace of change. At the same time, we need to be open and cocreative to achieve full potential on the work floor. 


It is the mission of Wemanity to bridge this gap between the innovative, entrepreneurial and disruptive startup mentality and the need to sustain, evolve and strengthen existing business models for existing players.


We are your Agile change agents, we are the Agile Driving Force.


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Jean-ChristopheSerial entrepreneur & founder

ArieThought Leader

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Agile? Do you really know what you’re getting into?By Danny

We want to work Agile, can you help us?”


We hear this question time and again, and our first thought is; Are you sure?

Do you truly want to become Agile or do you see the need for change around you, but not necessarily the need to change yourself? Agile lays your entire organization bare; are you ready for the uncomfortable and inconvenient truths that go with that process?


Are you willing to do the hard and, sometimes uncomfortable, work necessary to not just work Agile but become truly Agile?


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Who or what is holding you back?By Arie

Can I be honest? Let me not wait for your answer and just give my opinion. ;-)

Agile is so simple. The results can be (positive) huge but Agile itself is simple. Ron Jeffries (I think) owns the quote “it is all common sense but uncommon discipline”. And still so many struggle, don't get it right or even worse, it all goes horribly wrong. How come? What in the world is hindering people to do something pretty easy just not right? 

Looking at Agile, it is an interaction concept. Technique can make you excel once the interaction concept is in place. The interaction is the fundament for the Agile way of working, the values and principles are guiding. 

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The many flavours of resistanceby Sandra

"I've got this colleague...he just won't do it!"


Every now and then I hear people state that someone in their team simply refuses to be part of the team’s transformation into the agile way of working. When listening to such statements, I usually think: really? Are you really, 100% sure this person doesn’t want to play along at all? Have you actually asked him or her? And with asking, I mean: have you engaged yourself into a real conversation with this person about this presumption of yours? Because there could be many valid reasons countering your observation.

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